As I do research for various clients and projects I often stumble across interesting

and sometimes valuable links - I am sharing these with you - enjoy and share if you like.

Note just because I am sharing does not mean I agree or disagree with opinions expressed.

For those of you who are Google/SEO/SERP experts please excuse the layman's language

in these suggested links.

2017-05-If you are doing it yourself, here are some fun SEO tools that you might like

SEO Tools


2017-03- If you are thinking about producing a You tube video, here are some interesting new facts from

MOZ and Backlink about how the videos effect your search rankings and SEO:

How Youtube videos help your website SEO



11-2016 - When you search on Google and you see the answer to your question in a little box at the top/right

of your result, that is known as a "featured snippet". It is not always created from the number one

organic search position (top of the local list in your search) and can be extremely valuable to your

click through rates(CTR). Here is a good article with research from STAT covering the best words

to use to generate featured snippets:

STAT research on featured snippets


11-2016 -- If you are interested in who uses what social media this link may be of interest:

The Demographics of Social Media Users


11-2016 -- The McCarthy Group recently conducted an insightful new survey,

investigating the habits and attitudes of Millennials – finding out

whom they trust, how they behave, and what gets their attention. Here is the link:

How to Reach Millennials


11-2016 -- Here is some good advice on what NOT to do to succeed in local SEO from

Mandy (Boyle) Pennington is the Director of Internet Marketing at Net Driven:

Local SEO Pitfalls